Communication tailored to each customer

Campaign goal

At minimal costs and high return on investment ensure the growth and stabilization of turnover generated by retention marketing from 27,08 % to at least 37 %.

Use and develop a unique tonality of communication (increase OR and CR).

Ensure growth of NPS 1st month retention cohort from 7,56 0 to at least 9 % and create an automated communication ecosystem with ROI over 250 %.

Campaign told by numbers

Výsledky kampaně pro klienta Zoot. Podíl obratu generovaného retenčním marketingem se zvýšil z 27,08 % na 46,72 %. ROI kampaně 1023,59 %. Snížení podílu vráceného zboží o 5,36 %.

Step by step cooperation

  • Data consolidation and analysis. Synchronization of all available customer data into the Targito platform. A thorough quantitative analysis of their purchase history and behavior on the website. Less than 1 % of customers use a wish list. Yet these days these customers generate more than 8 % of sales.
  • Internal research – Naming the reasons why customers create these wish lists – so they can save products for later and wait for discounts, store gifts for others or to put together their own outfits.
  • Ecosystem of automated communication – Designing 6 automated campaigns which aim to systematically remind new and existing customers of these options and praise them if they decide to buy from the list.
  • Unique tonality – Creative idea is based on years of proven ZOOT communication tone which is a competitive advantage over Zalando and About you. Here ZOOT benefits from the fact that it operates primarily on the Czech market and has many years of experience with it.
  • Gradual implementation according to priorities – The automation itself was implemented in 3 stages. First of all it was campaigns focused on conversions (discount notice in wish list, popular brands) then on building a relationship (why and how to use those lists) and finally on regular communication.