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Good salespeople have always cared about their customers. They know what and when to offer it, to have satisfied customers so that they will return regularly. Use our communication platform to show your customers that you care about them and become a good online marketer.

Targito helps you offer the right product to right customers.

Our clients (more than 100 clients in Czech Republic)

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The word of numbers

Reach your goals with Targito

Targito helps you increase open rate of your emailing campaigns.

70 %

Reach as much as 70% open rate

Targito helps you increase ROI of your campaigns.

700 %

Our campaigns reach ROI as high as 700%

Targito helps you increase revenue from your emailing campaigns.

30 %

Email marketing to revenue ratio of our longterm clients is around 30%

Targito helps you decrease time spent on campaign creation.

80 %

Our clients cut the time spend on creating campaigns by more than 80%


Targito will help you

Understand your customers better

Although you do not know your customers personally, you have data about them at your disposal. Targito connects this data in one place and adds the relevant information, so that you can understand your customers, as much as possible.  Thus be able to shift the level of personalisation of your marketing.

Targito helps you understand your customers better.
With unique communication platform like Targito, you can automate and target your audience more effectively.

Automate & Target

A good salesperson knows what his customers want and can provide it to them. Personalise the content of your website and your communication across channels (e-mail, SMS, social networks) and automatically reach your customers with an offer that interests them and is relevant to them.

Evaluate & Optimize

When you know your customers, you know how to take care of them. The reporting system of Targito platform allows you to monitor the performance of your entire marketing in real time. Including the profitability of individual channels. This allows you to respond to the customer behaviour, adjust your communication and marketing strategy.

With Targito you can understand, evaluate and optimise your campaigns more smart.
Targito is continuously evolving platform.

Continuous growth

Customers are rapidly changing and your e-shop should adapt accordingly. We established the constant development of Targito on the suggestions of our clients and thus we have created a tailor-made platform for them. As a result, the possibilities of your communication are constantly expanding and allow you to respond to the latest trends.

Use our full potential

Our team will be at your disposal throughout the cooperation period. You will become part of the Targito Community, which will share with you all  relevant  news, tips, instructions on how to use various functions or useful advice, thanks to which we will ensure that the Targito platform will be used by you to its full potential.

With Targito you will discover the full potential of multi channel communication.

Choose the solution which leads you to success