We offer a completely separate, private cloud solution for demanding clients, whose internal policies require extreme data security, or for those that process really huge data volumes.

The Targito platform will be on a server dedicated directly to the client, as well as all resources the client needs, which include  storage and technology. Therefore, it is possible to create even more customized settings, performance adjustments, extremely fast distribution and more.

The platform can also be  placed “hidden” directly behind the client’s VPN, so that all access and logging control run according to the already set internal rules of the client. This solution also enables data security of the storage in accordance with legal requirements for example health or payment information.

Of course, there is also the option of choosing the location of the servers or to change the cloud storage itself, this is not a  problem at all.

Private cloud solutions are especially appreciated by large agencies, to whom it brings the possibility of their own structure being implemented for their clients, dedicated IP addresses, controllable delivery or the possibility of their own branding.

Another typical client is the financial sector, where it is possible to encrypt all data individually using BYOK, connect the solution to LDAP and use the storage of data on the client’s own server.

The private cloud is also used by key market players, who process huge volumes of data and will especially appreciate the speed of mailing and calculations.

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