In Targito we like new challenges and setting new goals. Continuous development is our driving force.  That is why we perceive education as one of our top priorities.

It is not always easy to find your way around in the multitude of information. That is precisely why we founded the University of Targito – an intern project which aims at systematically educating the public in the field of online communication and e-mailing. We are also happy that through our partnerships. We can collaborate with other institutions which see the importance of education and development as we do. 

For our clients there is Community Targito, the aim of which is, in addition to education it is  also creating  connection and inspiration.

Targito University

At each University Targito meeting you will learn the latest trends and news in email marketing, communication and automatization. We will share our knowledge on how best to address each and every customer and how to correctly choose the right platform that will work best for them and their communication needs.

With whom can you meet up?

News is regularly presented by our platform’s developers and e-mailing specialists. Our clients and partners will share their personal experiences. You will also gain valuable knowledge from experts who are at the forefront of their field.

Webinars are prepared in a way so that the practical implementation of innovations is easy and may be adopted immediately.

Targito University is great way to improve your email marketing skills.
Targito is frequently organising community events to help improve its clients and partners emailing skills.

Targito Community

In Targito we value our clients. We regularly organize exclusive programs such as Targito Community meetings where we share our know-how. Aside from the opportunity to share knowledge, the clients have the opportunity to attend directly to the meeting, get to know each other and broaden their horizons and establish new contacts.

An important goal of the meeting is to help our clients maximize the usage of the platform’s functions. We listen thoroughly to the suggestions from our clients which we reflect in the future development of the platform. The Targito platform thus becomes the platform of our clients because of their direct influence on the platform’s progression. We grow together, inspire and educate each other.