That is why we are proud that we succeed not only in establishing new partnerships, but also in maintaining existing ones.

How to propose an opportunity?

Together with our partners we endeavor to provide our clients and their clients with innovative, effective and successful solutions, to help them move their businesses forward. Come join us.


Integration partners help us to expand our product with interesting functionalities, which they themselves have mastered. Why invent the light bulb when we can connect together and add higher added value to our products and, consequently, to our clients.

Targito has many integration partners such as Daktela, Recombee, datalook!, NetDirect or well known Czech e-commerce platform Shoptet.
Targito has many partners among well known Czech digital agencies such as DFMG, Inveo or Proficio.


We cooperate with agencies of various types – experts in e-commerce, in the creation of e-shop and portal solutions. In digital marketing and also experts in connecting technologies with marketing. Our partners include online business outsourcing suppliers, agencies focused on creating marketing and communication campaigns, as well as suppliers of logistics management systems, retail and e-commerce. They all consider the Targito platform to be a great solution for many of their customers. Do you want to be one of them?

Our partners

We are glad to be with you

With each partnership, we learn new things. We enrich each other, find unexpected opportunities and make new friendships. We are grateful for that.


Let’s be partners

We believe in working together.