Manutan company has been with us since 2020. Manutan is truly a giant wholesaler, where you can buy any equipment from A to Z for almost any establishment – from an office through a restaurant to a workshop and warehouse.

In order to bring you closer to their experience with using our Targito platform we asked Mr. Radim Wojkowsky, their online manager, to tell us how satisfied they are with our cooperation and what our platform brings to them in matters of business activities.

When I look at a spectrum of your offer I dare to guess that your e-shop will surely generate considerable turnover.If we go back to the beginning of our cooperation, precisely to 2020, what were your needs and also requirements for Targito platform concerning email marketing?

Our goal was to increase turnover, simplify the creation of newsletters, start automation and to deliver even better and more beautiful content to our customers. After benchmarking many solutions we decided to choose Targito and we do not regret our choice.

How difficult was the decision-making process difficult in this case? How did it go for you?

It was demanding because we had to agree on such a solution together with all the countries of the Manutam EAST region – Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. We were looking for a solution which offers easy creation of newsletters in multiple languages. And at least with an English interface. Advanced automation was also important to us. Targito convinced us.

Many entrepreneurs are afraid of changes or adopting new technologies because it can be time consuming and expensive. Was the implementation of the Targito platform time consuming or personally demanding?

Honestly, it was. However if you want to take emailing to a higher level then it is necessary. In our case it was a more demanding implementation for the reason that I wanted to get a lot of data into Targito for segmentation, automation and tracking. I put a lot of care into creating templates.We also dealt with implementation for four countries. However, the costs were paid for us within about a year.

Has the complexity of email marketing increased or decreased since you implemented the platform? How many people are actively working with Targito platform?

The Difficulty has decreased. Even so, we are demanding and we invest time and money in further development. According to the results, it not only makes economic sense for us. The very process of creating regular newsletters has become faster, including the translation into other languages. I mainly work with Targito myself, but I have two more colleagues from Hungary and Poland who are also actively working with Targito.

I saw that you are working with a really large number of automated scenarios. Not every client uses so many of them.  Will you share with us your experience? How does automation help you? Which of the ones you are using now do you think is the most effective for you?

I would like to have more of them! ☺ Thanks to automation we send and email at the right time (meaning in terms of customer´s buying cycle), with the right content and to the right recipient. Automation saves us a lot of time. It is amazing to set something up and then reap the rewards for a long time with almost no additional effort. Campaigns with a discount coupon for newsletter subscription and abandoned cart are the most effective ones.

What about personalizing email content? Have you noticed an increase in open rate or another positive reaction?

We did notice a better performance of such emails.  We use basic personalization. We could give it more love and all, however our B2B nature is a bit more sophisticated for personalization. You have to take into account not only the recipient himself but also the company which he works for.

From your last meeting with our experts it was clear that  you are comfortable working with our platform and that you are still working to make the most of it. What are your ambitions, what would you like to do in the near future and what do you hope for?

More automation ☺. They save time and have great results. I want to finish the so-called welcome campaign – a series of brand-oriented emails aimed at new recipients. And now I am toying with the idea of starting to automatically add new articles from our blog to emails. We have been working on creating quality content that helps our customers for about a year now. However it may vary between countries both in terms of content and release time (mainly due to translations). Therefore it is not possible to send the same content newsletter to all countries at once. So this automatic solution would make our job a lot easier.

Every entrepreneur is certainly interested in whether this or that tool will pay off for him. How does your company evaluate the introduction of the Targito platform in terms of business growth?

Before switching to Targito we had a year-on-year decline in emailing turnover. After I was put in charge of emailing, and with the help of the new tool Targito, we are already achieving only year-to-year growth from emailing. It should be taken into account that in our business emailing has a great influence on offline orders as well. This channel is all the more important to us.

How do you rate cooperation with at the moment? What do you perceive to be the biggest shifts during the entire period of our cooperation?

I see Targito as our partner. We are working together to constantly advance our emailing. I have met the staff many times in person, either at meetings or workshops organized by Targito. I appreciate their very professional approach. Also constant innovation on the platform.