Made a registration but didn´t make a purchase (B2B)

Email marketing challenge!

Campaign objective

The main goal was higher and faster involvement of newly acquired clients in the purchase process and subsequent relationship building. The secondary goal was to minimize the investment of time and costs of our sales team on the customer’s journey from state of “registered” across “first purchase” to “loyal customer”.

Campaign of 2018 told by numbers

Výsledky kampaně registroval se a nenakoupil v kontextu B2B pro klienta Activa. Nákady kampaně 54 127,58 Kč, celkové tržby 4 771 056 Kč, 1 171,45 %.

What makes this campaign unique

  • Comprehensive analysis based on data collected from email marketing platform, Google Analytics, and transaction history from 2017.
  • Implementation of an automated and personalized solution which came as a result from mention analysis. The goal was to get customers more involved in the purchase process.
  • Time savings for the marketing and sales team which was partly relieved of additional need to communicate more with users and customers during their journey.
  • Long term marketing potential in context to the 2B2 business model of Activa company resulted in a model in which investment costs for new customers will result in loyal customers which will be much more valuable for the company in the long term.

Step by step cooperation

  • Designing a comprehensive strategy for 2018. Identifying opportunities for increasing effectiveness and minimizing time / financial investment in email marketing.
  • Designing automated campaign “customer is registered but didn’t purchase” which is the topic of this case study and follow-up campaigns.
  • In case that customer registered himself and didn’t purchase, the interval for “reminding” is set to 72 hours after registration based on data collected.
  • In case that customer was registered by our sales representative then the interval for “reminding” is set to 14 calendar days starting the day he registered.
  • Content campaign apart from basic information about Activa company consists of contact information of sales representatives and collection of best-selling products from most liked categories.
  • This automated campaign was designed in such a way that there was no problem at all with the arrival of the new GDPR rules and legislation had no impact on it.
  • After creating and starting this automated campaign the reach was tested with A / B testing and its result was registered.
  • All results of the automated campaign were also monitored throughout the year. Based on those results some changes were made in logic of settings, same with content for 2019.
  • Analysis and comparison of data from Google Analytics and transaction history and preparation of follow-up strategy for 2019.