We help to communicate and be transparent

Targito company help their clients to communicate better with their customers thanks to collected data based on their behavior. We use effective strategies in order to maximize time savings during the implementation process of Targito platform. The main aim of such a strategy is to get better revenues for our clients in the shortest time possible.

Transparency is the key. People of Targito do their best for our clients so they are well informed about everything that’s happening and of what must be done on their side and what to expect. Personal communication is always our priority. We do not believe in automatic messages which is why you will always communicate with experienced people.

It’s not a race

World of commerce is affected by fighting as well as winning. The goal is to win your share on the market and to defeat your competitors. This idea is what makes it an unhealthy place. There are still many businessmen using this as an excuse for their terrible and dishonest behavior. Targito company strictly refuse such a way of thinking. Comparing to others kills all the joy. We do not compare to others; we do not fight. What others do have no impact on what we are capable of or what we want or what we decide we will do. We are just happy that we can provide the best possible services for our client base which is growing steadily. This is what makes us happy. To do our best and to get the best for our clients.

Targito has its unique approach to data segmentation.

Mechanics of Targito platform consists of effective and successful use of your data.

Our clients are our priority

Client care and their satisfaction is our utmost priority. Sometimes it’s those little things which might not seem so important at first, but for us it´s what makes all the difference. We want our clients to be satisfied clients and not just clients. We always do our best for our clients because we want them to feel great about us and to get the best from us. That’s our philosophy and that’s what we do.

Our typical client is somebody with a mid to big e-shop solution. One of the benefits of our platform which is widely appreciated by our clients is its custom fit to clients’ needs concerning gaining interesting information, marketing data, processing huge amounts of data and using very sophisticated personal communication via unique scenarios. Very important feature is the possibility of immediate testing of your custom-made scenarios based on real data.

Targito is an omnichannel platform which enables our clients to communicate via email, same with SMS, push notifications or Facebook. It is a powerful tool which has already been successfully tested by many big companies since its creation in 2011.

And what is the most important? We are always in touch with our clients, we are asking for their needs and thanks to this feedback we can keep on evolving. We do not stand still.

We help our clients to move from marketing to „mattering“.

Vladan Hejnic