TRIOLA a.s., is a traditional and leading Czech manufacturer of underwear and swimwear, they have been with us for five years now. It was one of the first clients to put their trust in the Targito platform, which is greatly appreciated.

In order to show you how the platform is performing in the long-term, we asked Mrs. Lenka Sobotková, the company’s e-commerce manager, how satisfied they are with our platform and how it  helps them develop their business.

Going back to the beginning. To 2017/2018, what were your needs and therefore your requirements, for a platform focused on personalized and automated marketing? Why did you end up choosing Targito?

The original plan was to move emailing off our company’s servers, mainly due to responsiveness issues on mobile devices. Personalization of e-mailing or possible automations were not considered at all, at that time. 

Was the decision-making process difficult in your case? How was it for you?

Finally, it was also about mutual vision and goals which this platform would help us reach. The first year was just about testing whether the platform suited us or not. Without personalization, segmentation and automation.

Many entrepreneurs are afraid of change or the adoption of new technologies, as this can be time consuming, and cost a lot of money. What were your expectations in this regard, and what did reality look like in the end? Was the implementation of the platform time consuming and difficult for you?

Every new technology is costly and time consuming. On the other hand, the support from Targito was great, with a simple solution for our IT questions and needs. We had an internal struggle , how to connect data and which to send. Targito and I have been dealing with complete data since the end of 2018. 

Has the complexity of email marketing increased or decreased, after you implemented the platform? How many people are actively working with the platform in your firm? 

The time saved compared to trying to find a solution ourselves is incomparable. Only one person now works actively with the platform.  

As a long-term client, you have already worked with a number of automation scenarios. I know that you personally are a big promoter of RFM segmentation. You have experience with how open rate newsletters grow when you use it, and what happens when you do not. Will you share your experience with us?

I will start by saying that I was afraid of automation from the beginning. That’s why I threw myself into RFM segmentation, which I promote a lot. It depends on the specific segment. If I select the more active part of the database according to RFM, then the OR is several times higher. If, on the other hand, inactive contacts, the OR will be lower than the standard mailing.

Based on your initiative, we have also prepared an adjustment to the automation of       abandoned carts. It is now possible to personalize mailing according to the specific content of an abandoned cart. What was your experience with this innovation?

It was created because we also sell nano masks, and nano respirators from our subsidiary, and thus it was necessary to divide the cart into two. Because sending “we’re sorry your item       is left in the cart” or “if you don’t know your size, stop by the store” is not ideal if you don’t care about the item at all and it doesn’t look professional.

You have the Targito platform deployed for the Czech and Slovak markets. The platform offers different languages. Does this feature save you time?

It does save time, thanks to the set header and footer, which translate automatically. The rest is still handmade, for example when changing banners and links. It is a big time saver if we use a product which is already translated and has the right prices.

Quite recently, Targito, in collaboration with Recombee, has also launched web personalization tools. I know that its implementation is also underway on your website. What do you expect from it?

I am really looking forward to setting up Recombee on our website. We were a little behind schedule with the implantation.  But we will implement it soon. We are really looking forward to using this new tool. My big expectation is a lower number of customers leaving the site from the areas where Recombee will be active.

Everyone who is an entrepreneur, is certainly interested in whether a tool will pay off. How does your company evaluate the implementation of the Targito platform in terms of business growth?

I will take it from a different perspective. When it came to Triola, Targito was already running, but only for email addresses, and no segmentation, automation, or personalization was done. The data was not processed and e-mailing stagnated. After using data and running various scenarios and playing with data. E-mailing now makes a very interesting part of our turnover.

How do you rate working with Targito, at the moment? What do you perceive as the biggest shift during our period of our cooperation?

The biggest shift? The Community! At the beginning we were so embarrassed, no one knew what to expect, and in the end it turned out to be a bunch of great people who are not afraid to share their experiences with others over a good cup of coffee.

But not only to praise… Things used to be done faster, now everything is taking longer than we were used to. However, that is how the development of new things is. The support  for solving current situations is still just as great!

Which new things has Triola came up with recently, or what is it currently up to?

We have introduced beautiful limited collections of special fabrics, embroidery and laces and we are preparing for spring and summer. We will start the season with an annual pre-sale of swimwear and will soon open a new store. And in e-mailing? I have a lot of ideas for new automation that might prove to be very interesting.

Many thanks to Lenka Sobotková for sharing her experience and for her helpful suggestions, thanks to which we are constantly growing together, and we wish Triola a  lot of success as they move forward with their amazing products.