Groupe SEB, which is both a manufacturer, and reseller of brands such as Rowenta, Tefal, Krups and WMF, has been working with us since 2019. The Targito platform has been deployed since the beginning of their emailing campaign, and is now used for three different markets. We asked Mr. Ladislav Žižka, who runs the company’s Home & Cook e-shop in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, how they work with the platform, and how they have grown thanks to it?

We were your first emailing partner. Do you remember why you chose us back then?

We chose you primarily because of the advanced ecosystem your company uses. Targito offers a simple interface for creating templates, many automations and, thanks to its pixel feature, very efficient data collection. This allows us to create truly successful email campaigns. Lastly, the price was a key factor for us choosing Targito. Compared to the competitors from abroad, which can provide an equally advanced ecosystem, but Targito is much cheaper.

Since then, you have progressed considerably in e-mailing and your database has grown. From 5,000 contacts in the Czech Republic to a database with 200,000 contacts. How do you manage communication with so many customers?

Systematically. It is a healthy database = we do not send e-mails to everyone, but only to contacts that interact with our content. This allows us to send newsletters (henceforth NWL) several times a week without the risk of falling into spam. At the same time, we regularly prepare a content calendar with our marketing team. On the basis of which we tune the content for all paid and unpaid marketing channels. This gives us a unified and strong communication.

How does Targito help you with that?

With Targito, we actively address the quality of the database. At the same time, it helps us sort out contacts, create special contact lists within the database, and also create automated e-mails, thanks  to which we get a turnover “for free” (once they are set, these automations continuously create an incremental turnover).

You are currently using the Targito platform for the Czech and Slovak markets. You are currently in the process of implementing the platform for the Hungarian market as well. How did you have to adapt your communication when you started in these markets?

The initial communication is the same in all countries. Thanks to that, we can be very effective. We will  first copy and translate all of the automated email templates. Thanks to copying, we don’t have to create anything on a green field, which saves us tens of hours of work . Similarly, we handle the first shipments. In HU, we will start with the same campaign which we had in CZ and SK. 

When a new country opens up, there is always a lot of work related to this.  In order not to add complexity and thus unnecessarily extra work, we will let the first campaign run for a whole month. During this time, we will be able to fine-tune other processes around the marketing strategy. Subsequently, we will move to a content calendar in the new country, which is generally the same for all countries.

The Targito platform offers language versions. Did this feature save you time?

I asked the colleague in charge of the Hungarian market: “From my point of view, the English setting is clearly a time saver, compared to other ways. For example using Google Translator, because when I use it, I see the Targito function in English at the same time as the texts I have prepared in the local language and I don’t have to switch between two languages. I would only welcome easier language settings.”

What are the first scenarios you are running in the new country?

A complete incentive scenario is essential. When we offer a discount on the first purchase for new customers. This scenario is associated with the deployment of a pop-up window on the site that generates the most NWL subscribers to us. Furthermore, we always run remarketing scenarios – variants of an abandoned cart and an abandoned product details.

Do your customers in other countries respond differently to the same scenarios?

We did not break down the data in detail, so we cannot describe  differences, but in general they respond very well to them everywhere. The previously mentioned scenarios immediately start to generate a lot of new contacts and turnover in all countries.

What do you consider to be the biggest advantage of the Targito platform?

As I have already mentioned, the biggest advantage is that of a complete ecosystem. Targito is not only a leader in automation. But the simplicity of preparing e-mails, and  collecting contacts, etc., Make it a great platform. But also the comprehensive ecosystem is a big plus for us. Thanks to this we have gained  immense know-how and opportunities to take our CRM to a completely different level.

How do you evaluate the results you have achieved while working with us?

Because we did not work with another platform, we cannot objectively compare multiple systems. However, in the beginning we set goals for CRM regardless  of the platform we would use, and we successfully and continuously meet these goals with Targito. So when we look at it from the perspective of the marketing, Targito exceeds our expectations. And we still have not used the whole potential of Targito.

What are your plans for the future?

To use Targito to the fullest. To do this, we need to create an even more advanced approach to CRM. Which means, to use all the data that we can obtain thanks to pixel, the creation of new, more sophisticated scenarios and the use of RFM or LTV models linked to our loyalty program.

We thank Mr. Žižka for taking time to speak with us . We really appreciate that we are your partner in e-mail communication.