In Targito, we like to move forward, which means that feedback is important to us, so we asked Mr. Radim Malchárek, Marketing Director of, why he chose us and what Targito afford him.

What were the factors for choosing Targito?

We needed a change. For years we used Silverpop, now Acoustic. But it stopped developing and was technologically behind the others. We were looking for a new solution and the best in the market. In terms of price, capabilities and user interface, the Targito platform was unmatched compared to others. It clearly won. We also liked the Community – it seemed active  and we were thrilled to be able to learn new things based on the experience of other users.

How long did the implementation take? Was it difficult for you?

A few weeks and it was nothing complicated. We had to export data from the old system and upload it to Targito, after templates and automatic campaigns were set up. There were no big problems. 

What scenarios do you plan to implement?

The creation of automated campaigns, their possibilities and other combinations of different scenarios was one of the reasons why we switched to Targito. This was exactly what we were looking for. 

How many people are in charge of emailing?

A total of 3 people, but 1 person is in charge of creating newsletters. We help the other two technically and methodically.

How do you rate Targito so far compared to the previous tool? (You do not have to specify).

We are satisfied so far, with everything. As for the previous instrument, I need to distinguish between the instrument and the agency. The tool was very limited, but we were satisfied with the agency. As far as Targito is concerned, we are satisfied with both so far.

Did you have any concerns before starting our cooperation?

There are always concerns when going into the unknown. But by switching from an instrument that no longer worked for us, we can say that we had nothing to lose. We just hoped the decision would pay off.

And did it pay off?

Yes Definitely!

What did your decision-making process look like?

We did a selection process. We juxtaposed several available tools, and tried to compare them in all possible aspects – technical level, possibilities, references, and of course the price. Last but not least, we choose based on how people in the potential company impress us.

What are your expectations?

Targito has a lot of experience, so I am looking forward to being able to learn from their experience which will help us move forward in mailing. So far it looks like a long-term cooperation.

In conclusion, we would like to thank Mr. Malchárek. We know that time is an expensive commodity in these hectic times, so we really appreciate the time he gave us to speak with us, and answer our questions.