What can we expect in December? Human Rights Day, for example, which directly encourages a themed campaign, in addition to St. Nicholas Day or New Year’s Eve. And, of course, the Christmas season and the season of fairy tales. As a result, there is an opportunity for a fairy tale campaign.

5th of December | St. Nicholas

As a Czech poem says: “Nicholas had lost his cloak… Every one of us has forgotten or misplaced something at some point in our lives. An ideal opportunity to combine the enjoyable with the practical and prepare a St. Nicholas gift for children in the form of small gifts that are also beneficial to their memory and development. Don’t forget that adults should train as well. Aging does not choose…

10th of December | International Human Rights Day

A chance to show clients that there is no risk of “injustice” with you. They have the right to: sit on a comfortable sofa, wear high-quality clothing, purchase fashionable accessories, a new washing machine or refrigerator, the best Christmas gifts for their loved ones, and drink the world’s best wines.

11th of December | International Mountain Day

Everyone understands that “love can move mountains.” Your customers will be able to traverse the mountains not only with “love”, but also with new ski equipment and comfortable clothing. Don’t forget about their immunity, which needs a lot of help during the winter. If only, to make it over the mountains in one piece.

22nd of December| First day of winter

Remind your customers of winter sleeping tips. It does not have to be limited to mattresses and beds. Sleep is also related to selecting the right bed linen, a pleasant and clean environment, comfortable pajamas, and, finally, a good morning coffee to start the new day. And that is important after a passionate night :-).

24–26 December | Christmas

Everyone wants to make their loved ones happy at Christmas. That is why now is the time to make your customers happy. A fantastic opportunity to dress up as Santa’s helper and give everyone a small gift. Merry Christmas, both literally and metaphorically.

31st of December | New Year’s Eve

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… RESTART! What are your customers’ New Year’s resolutions this year? That they won’t drink? Offer them an assortment of high-quality wines. That they won’t overeat? Show off your delicious recipes. And that they are not going to spend? However, when… Good boys and good girls are out of style. Sometimes being angry is unavoidable. This is an opportunity to demonstrate that you are on the same page and understand the consequences of breaking resolutions.

Quiz time: Did you know?

Did you know that at Christmas, TV viewership increases by up to 50%? During the Christmas season, Czech adults rank first among all European countries in terms of watching fairy tales. And we say, why not make the most of it?

TIP: Make one of your campaigns into a Christmas fairy tale and allow your customers to read something from you in the family circle during the advertisements.

Your Targito team 🎯