We originally planned to divide this miniseries into three parts.

1. Part: To Whom?

2. Part: When?

3. Part: What and how?

However, we believe it is appropriate to conclude with a single question: Why? Previous articles provided some answers to the question “why.” We decided to write about and explain the next ones. They will help you in determining whether or not to deal with automated campaigns at all.

1) You benefit from automation.

One of the most significant advantages are automated campaigns, which may sound like a cliche. They work in the early morning and late at night. When you’re on vacation or going for a walk in the woods. Constantly. However, in order to reap the benefits of automated campaigns, you must carefully plan your strategy and test your hypotheses.

An idea that appears to be a good one at first will not always work out. Don’t underestimate it, and test your ideas to find the best solution possible. Write a few subjects and preheaders, experiment with different email text, images, colors, lengths, and forms… and make sure what you come up with is truly the best option.

2) They improve your reputation.

The thing is, the more your customers open and react to your emails, the more credible you become as a sender in the eyes of the sender’s servers.

Customers are more likely to open well-crafted automated campaigns than regular bulk newsletters.

3) They help you establish your “brand” as a sender.

It is similar to reputation, except that you are rated directly by customers rather than an algorithm. Customers will open and react to other newsletters you send if they find your messages interesting (relevant).

4) You will fully utilize the potential of emailing.

If you have something to send to customers (believe us, in most cases you do) and you don’t use automated campaigns, it’s like driving your car on half throttle. Most email bulk sending tools (ESPs) support automated campaigns, and you’re still paying for it even if you don’t use it. It’s a shame not to use it.

5) They offer numerous opportunities.

As you have already read in previous articles, there are numerous things that can be automated and used for purposes other than sales and conversions. They can also be used for after-care, brand building, customer experience, and so on.

This concludes the miniseries about automated campaigns.

Begin now… Write to us if you don’t know what to do and would rather leave it to someone else. The project managers will gladly assist you.

Your Targito team 🎯