The key to engaging a customer who has already opened your email is to use an engaging template. To easily fine-tune your template, use the drag-and-drop editor. You can easily add any content to the template, whether it’s text, an image, a button, a product block, a category, a countdown, a rating, or any widget, and arrange it however you want.

This article will teach you about the best practices for using widgets. A widget is a template element made up of several elements (images, texts, buttons, etc.). And as a result, the work is simplified because the elements do not have to be assembled together again and again. A header with a menu, a company logo, and the option to view the newsletter online are the most commonly used widgets, as is a footer with company information and the option to unsubscribe from the newsletter. What other widgets can you use in Targito?

Widget with benefits

Informing your customers about the benefits of your company is key. Furthermore, the Targito editor allows each customer to view benefits that are specific to him. While you offer one customer free shipping over a certain amount and extended returns, you can entice another with the VIP club and your new app.

Widget for stores

You can use your store’s widget to show the customer the closest branch based on his delivery address. If you don’t know his delivery address, he’ll be shown a map with all available stores.

Customizable widget

Targito allows you to edit the widget without changing the HTML code. This is one way to show your customers what is current.

Widget for application

Do you have a mobile app? And can we see it? Instead of a small link to the application in the footer, create a widget with a download button and place it in the middle of the template.

Widget with instructions how to move your emails from mass mail to inbox

Do you want your customers to receive your emails in their inbox? Show them how. Add a widget to the template that instructs gmail or other mailbox owners on how to insert your emails from bulk commercial correspondence into the inbox.

Widget for unused discount codes

Have you ever sent your customers a discount code that they haven’t used yet? You can transcribe unused discount codes to your customers, including their expiration date, using this widget, and thus encourage them to place an order.

Widget displaying the remaining credits

Do your customers receive credits or points for their purchases, or do you give them credits/points for other accomplishments? In each email, inform them of the current status of their credits and include text such as how they can use them.

Above, we discussed popular widgets that can engage your customers, increase your click rate, drive them to your website, and ultimately convince them to buy. What widget will you add to your template to make it more interesting? Our project managers will be delighted to assist you with their creation.

Your Targito team 🎯