Automated newsletter content for dog and cat owners.

Campaign goal

Creation of a unique email marketing campaign based on a scoring model. Thank to it Targito can recognize whether the customer is the owner of a dog or a cat and thanks to this information offers him an automatically generated list of products according to preferences which also takes into account the margins and popularity of individual categories and products.

Campaign of 2019 told by numbers

Výsledky kampaně pro klienta ProfiZoo. Náklady kampaně 105 780,48 Kč, celkové tržby 4 344 900 Kč, ROI kampaně 1201,43 %.

What makes this campaign unique

  • Automated and personalized solution whose goal was automated segmentation of customers based on scoring model and personalized content tailored to their area of interest.
  • Time saving of the marketing team which has almost completely eliminated the obligation of manually sending email campaigns. 
  • Scoring model which can be used to determine each customer’s preferred product category and adapt the content of the email accordingly.
  • Dynamic selection of products for email content based on predetermined conditions and popularity of individual categories.
  • Automated product preference according to the amount of margin, discounts, private brand preferences and other conditions specified by the client.

Step by step cooperation

  • Implementation of a scoring model which can be used to determine the preferred product category for each customer.
  • The scoring model is based on customers behavior on the website and their transaction history.
  • Behavior on the website is scored according to the intensity and topicality of the customer’s interest. If a customer view a category they are awarded 1 point. Detail in category = 2 points. Adding an item to cart = 5 points and the purchase is rated 10 points. Scoring takes in account the time aspect, the most recent behavior of the customer on the website has the highest priority
  • Design of individual sources of dynamic content for automated selection of product offers for newsletters from the following product categories: Latest discounted products from dry food category, best-selling private label of dry food, latest discounted products from the treats or toys categories.
  • After the automated campaign was created and launched the content was regularly A / B tested and revised according to the results.
  • Optimization of the scoring model settings during 2019 in two stages. Subsequent testing and evaluation of these changes.