100% personalized and automated notifications of relevant discounts

Campaign goal

Creating a unique automated campaign based on Big Data. Use of transaction history, customers behavior on website and discount policy of client. Customer will receive an email (based on a series of optional conditions) with products which he was browsing, didn’t purchase them and they were discounted one hour ago at maximum.

Campaign of 2019 told by numbers

Výsledky automatizované kampaně pro klienta Lékárna.cz od agentury Targito. Náklady kampaně 16 579,2 Kč, celkové tržby 966 262 Kč, ROI kampaně 1 020,75 %.

What makes this campaign unique

  • Big Data – client holds complete customers behavior on website from the transition to Targito platform, history of purchases, complete product offer including details and discount policy. The amount of data is about lower hundreds of GB.
  • Use of micro-segmentation for targeting only a very narrow group of recipients (around hundreds per day) based on specific behavior. 
  • Maximum personalization of the subject and content of the message tailored to each recipient. The subject is a combination of addressing and the name of the viewed product.
  • Long-term marketing potential based on balanced promotion of discounted products based on individual interests and customers needs.
  • Responsive custom design allows the client to use 3 variants of displaying the layout of individual products and at the same time to list industry-specific information such as “characteristics”. These products are selected according to their relevance from the highest discount downwards.

Step by step cooperation

  • Identification of new opportunities that can bring minimization of time / financial investments in email marketing of Lékárna.cz company. Cooperation within Targito Community.
  • Designing automated campaign “Discount notice”. Targets those customers which viewed predefined products last week, didn´t purchase them and those products were just discounted
  • Email content is created based on which products are on sale and the discount meets the specified minimum amount. 
  • Clients can set when the customers will be targeted with the same type of campaign again based on how much time passed from the last campaign sent.
  • The campaign also includes a fully personalized subject that is addressing the customers by their name and offers certain product which they viewed on the website.
  • Products in the newsletter are sorted from the highest to lowest discount in descending order.