To showcase the experience of our customers with using the Targito platform, we asked our long-term client Ms. Jana Martínková, marketing manager of Activa spol. s.r.o., how satisfied they are with our cooperation and platform in general. She will also tell us  how the company has progressed thanks to our platform.

You have been our client for 5 years. What keeps you from going elsewhere?

Several things. Probably the most important one is the complexity of our own setup. We are a B2B supplier and we work within a customer database with a number of parameters, such as various discount levels, customer benefits, multi-level approving, and that is just the start of it. We were looking for a delivery tool that would allow us to address customers in a sophisticated way. We first found it in the form of Silverpop, but we switched to Targito platform 2 years ago.

What do you see as the biggest advantage of the Targito platform?

Undoubtedly the customer segmentation. We love the possibility to send customers messages on behalf of sales representatives. Thanks to that, sales representatives have the opportunity to address their customers with an individual offer or their own message. My colleagues often take advantage of that. We also work with different types of widgets, such as recently purchased, last viewed, etc. Due to the constant development of the Targito platform, new features are emerging which we are learning to work with.

And how satisfied are you in terms of our services and overall cooperation?

Romana Kristenová and Honza Baštýř have been taking care of us since the beginning of our cooperation. We have benefited from the fact that both of them have been working in the field for a long time, and have experience from other projects. We enjoy being inspired by the experiences of others. In the last year, we have been experiencing an increase in pressure on development due to the increase in the number of clients. Many functions are made bespoke for us, and it has already happened that several weeks have passed before the idea came to fruition. But I see this as a temporary situation that Targito will soon resolve.

How do you perceive the shift over the entire period of our cooperation?

For us, the first big leap into the world of mailing was the very beginning of our cooperation 5 years ago. Before Silverpop, we used our own tool, which only allowed us to send blast e-mails. The second big leap was the transition to Targito.

“Working with Targito feels like playing a game, I feel free to try new things out”

Do you consider using the Targito platform a beneficial investment?

Definitely yes. It has its price, it might not be for every project, it has been a beneficial investment for our company. I don’t just mean that in terms of money. Thanks to the cooperation with Targito, we are also progressing in other areas of online marketing.

How do you evaluate the results you have achieved while working with us?

5 years ago, mailing was perceived in our company as a “necessary evil” not much was expected of it. The focus of communication with the customers was on sales representatives’ shoulders. The lockdown period in particular has shown that mailing can be, and still is, a very successful sales and communication tool even in our company.

How do you like the whole concept of the Community?

It is very enjoyable. I try to not miss the meetings all too much, because they are very inspiring. It is also good that we are able to meet people from different fields. It is quite valuable to learn from other people and hear what they are working on. Informal meetings with people from Targito certainly help with cooperation. Suddenly, it’s not Romana from Targito, but Romana who likes to dance and rides her bike to work. Getting to know the people you work with is very important for  good cooperation.

At the first meeting, I thought, why are you doing this? When someone tells me that they are doing something to share experiences and expect nothing, I don’t really believe it. I waited for them to come and say: “Now pay!” Even now, after all these years, it’s still just about sharing and inspiring.

What are your expectations for the future?

I don’t have any :-). Times are fast and I feel that having long-term expectations is useless.

In terms of planning, we have moved on to short-term goals, and we are trying to respond to the current needs and behaviors of our customers. I expect that the cooperation will continue to run smoothly, and with the same spirit.

We thank Mrs. Martínková for her dedicating time to us and pleasant conversation. We really appreciate that we are your long-term partners for e-mail communication.